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Can Your Condenser Breathe?

Did you know that an easy way to keep your air conditioning performing at its best is to make sure that it can breathe? Yes, just as we inhale oxygen and release carbon monoxide, the condenser (the outside part of your HVAC system) performs a similar job. It “inhales’ air through the coils on the side and “exhales” heat from your house through the fan on the top of the unit. Unfortunately, we often find condensers in rough shape when we arrive on the scene. In this blog post, we’ll discuss three common problems associated with condensers.

There’s no space

As you can see in the picture above, the condensing units are too close to each other and the wall. Because there is almost no space, they’ll have to fight for air especially when both are running simultaneously. Proper installation with appropriate spacing on all sides could have prevented this problem.

Improper concealing

We understand that condensers aren’t necessarily attractive and hiding the unit with strategically bushes and other live camouflage is the modus operandi. The consequences though aren’t worth the effort. Just as condensers need space from other units, fences, and walls, they should not be overwhelmed by vegetation that can block the airflow over the condensing coil. After all, less airflow means less heat is removed from your home. No one wants that!

Dirt build-up

If enough dirt enters the condenser, it will reduce the airflow which in turn will decrease performance or cause greater issues. Keeping your condenser free of dirt and other debris (including leaves from vegetation planted too close) will reduce blockages.  The good news is that this is an easy problem to prevent when you sign up for a yearly HVAC maintenance plan with Polar Bear Services!

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