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Indoor Air Quality Services For Homes In Greater Birmingham, Huntsville, & Central AL

residential indoor air quality servicesWe have many options if you have a family member with allergies. Homes are built to keep you comfortable with lots of insulation to keep the outside elements from coming inside. This is a good thing when considering comfort during the winter and summer but it can also become hazardous to our health when it traps dust, cleaning chemicals, and other contaminants in the air you breathe on a regular basis. These contaminants may lead to allergies, sickness and certain respiratory illnesses.

Serving the Greater Birmingham metro, Huntsville, and Anniston as well as throughout Central Alabama, Polar Bear Services offers a range of air quality services to help resolve air contamination, and make your home safer:

  • Duct Cleaning
  • HVAC Maintenance
  • UV Lights For Mold
  • Hepa Filters

When is the last time your cleaned your Air Ducts?

air condition repair birmingham alWould you breathe into a tube filled with dust, insects, mold, or even rodent droppings? All of these have been found in dirty air ducts that aren’t cleaned on a regular basis.  Don’t wait for your home to cause unwanted health problems.  Schedule regular maintenance today and a Polar Bear Technician will service your unit giving you the peace of mind you are breathing cleaner air without years of neglected contaminant build up.   

We’re a 24/7 one-stop shop, and we can do any size job. We’re also fully bonded and licensed by the state of Alabama to provide safe and effective services. Call us today: Birmingham/Tuscaloosa: (205) 497-2327  Huntsville: (256) 864-5660  Anniston: (256) 862-2327 or Gulf Coast: (251) 427-2327 for all your heating and air maintenance, repairs, or installation.

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