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commercial grade ice machine in birminghamPolar Bear Services’ experienced technicians are here to help you meet all of your commercial grade ice machine needs in Birmingham and surrounding areas. Our quality ice machines ensure consistent fresh and clean frozen ice on a daily basis. We have many types of machines and can help you choose the best option for your business application. 

Our Experienced Team Will Help You Find the Right Ice Maker For Your Greater Birmingham Business

Let us help you choose the right kind of ice for your business. Wether it’s a full cube, crescent, pebble, nugget, flake or half cube, we understand how important it is to choose the right machine for your environment. Water cooled models are great for hot establishments, but air cooled machines are cost effective for cooler spaces and do not require extra water expense. There are also remote, under the counter, or outdoor use only machines available if needed.  

Ice Machine Installation, Repairs & Maintenance

Our ice machines are extremely efficient, keeping your drinks filled and your food chilled. Once you have decided on the type of ice machine for your business, we can also help with proper installation and maintenance. Our Polar Bear Service technician will help you avoid common mistakes made while using your new commercial grade ice machine.

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