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Ductless Systems - Mini Split Air Systems Central Alabama

mini split air system installers serving birminghamWe have many lines of ductless systems to help deal with comfort in the hard to reach places that a normal HVAC system could not reach.

Ductless heating and cooling systems offer many benefits to homeowners. These ductless mini split air systems do not have any ducting like your normal central air conditioning or heating. The HVAC system includes an exterior heat pump unit that is connected to one or more interior air handling units. All interior air units can operate separately allowing the homeowner climate control over each room or space.  Call Today! Birmingham: (205) 497-2327  Huntsville: (256) 864-5660 or Anniston: (256) 862-2327 

mini split ac system Because this system doesn’t need duct installation, it is an affordable add-on or replacement to your existing home or hard to reach areas where there isn’t any existing duct work. Ductless systems also reduce your energy cost and never suffer from any air leaks unlike a traditional HVAC unit.

If you are interested in a ductless mini split heating and cooling system in the Greater Birmingham metro, Huntsville, or elsewhere in Central Alabama, call Polar Bear Services today.  Birmingham: (205) 497-2327  Huntsville: (256) 864-5660 or Anniston: (256) 862-2327 

Ductless Systems Brands We Offer

lg mini split air systems
mitsubishi electric
Birmingham: (205) 497-2327
Tuscaloosa: (205) 497-2327
Huntsville:(256) 864-5660
Annistion: (256) 862-2327
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