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Why Is My Water Bill So High This Summer?

Now that summer has officially arrived, you may notice an increase in your water bill. While this seasonal spike is not unusual here in Alabama, it can also be a sign of a problem. In today’s blog post, we’ll take a look at the factors that contribute to higher-than-normal water bills in the summer.

Increased outdoor water usage

One big reason your water bill might go up in the summer is because of all the extra outdoor water use. Think about it – during the hot months, you’re probably watering your lawn and garden a lot more to keep everything green and healthy. If you have a sprinkler system, it can use a surprising amount of water, especially if it’s running frequently.

Then there’s the pool. If you have one, you know it needs to be filled and maintained, which can really add to your water use. Even if you’re just topping it off, that extra water can add up fast. And don’t forget about washing your car! Summer is prime time for car washing, whether you’re getting rid of pollen or just keeping it shiny, and that uses quite a bit of water too.

All these little things – watering the lawn, filling the kiddie pool and water table, washing the car – they seem small, but they add up and can make your water bill climb during the summer.

Higher indoor water usage

Another reason your water bill might spike in the summer is because you’re using more water indoors, too. For starters, there’s the laundry. With all the outdoor fun like picnics, hikes, and beach trips, you probably have more dirty clothes to wash. All that extra laundry can really add up on your water bill.

Then there are the showers and baths. When it’s hot and sticky outside, everyone wants to cool off and feel fresh, so you might find yourself taking more showers. Kids playing outside or coming back from summer camps might need extra baths, too.

And let’s not forget about having guests over. Summer often means more family gatherings, barbecues, and visits from friends. More people in the house means more water being used for everything – showers, washing dishes, flushing toilets, you name it.

Leaks or other plumbing problems

Another thing to watch out for in the summer is leaks and inefficiencies. When you’re using your sprinkler system a lot, it’s easy for leaks to develop. You might not notice a small leak in a sprinkler head, but over time, that can waste a lot of water.

Then there are the outdoor faucets and hoses. With more frequent use, these can start to drip or develop leaks, and even a small, steady drip can really add up over the course of a hot summer.

During the summer, your plumbing system works harder due to increased water usage, which can exacerbate existing inefficiencies or cause new leaks. It’s important to watch for signs of trouble, such as damp spots in the yard or unusually high water bills, and address them promptly to avoid wasting water and money.

Call the Bear if you’re worried about a plumbing issue

If you suspect that a plumbing problem may have caused your water bill to jump, get in touch with Polar Bear Services today! Our locally owned and family-operated company provides residential plumbing services in Indian Springs Village, Hoover, and throughout Greater Birmingham, as well as Huntsville and Central Alabama. We will gladly inspect your plumbing to determine if there’s an issue contributing to your rising water bill and provide you with solutions to fix it!