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5 Ways To Save Money On Your New AC

Follow these steps to save money on a new home HVAC unit

A new HVAC system is an investment that you want to last for years to come. No one wants to buy a new system before they have to.  Here are a few ways to save money up front and for the long haul as well.



Depending on the season and location of your home or business, your Trane Comfort Specialist at Polar Bear Services will be able to offer you a number of ways to save, including rebates, special financing options, etc. You can also research online for current offers.



A new HVAC system is truly a long-term investment for your family. In order to defray the costs up front, Trane offers financing options for anyone who’d like to apply for it. Trane offers easy monthly payments, no prepay penalties, and competitive interest rates.



Some of our high-efficiency units may also be eligible for an eco-rebate. These rebates are usually available to you from your local energy company. They’re typically used as an offer for consumers to use less energy per household by purchasing more energy-efficient HVAC systems. Ask our technicians which of our Trane products may qualify for a rebate in your area when shopping for your new HVAC system.



Who wants a Tax Credit?  Trane has many products that are available for residential energy tax credits. Some of our most widely used systems are our most energy-efficient. The great news is that you can save big on your monthly bill as well as get available tax credits on qualified products. Trane has many products that qualify and tax credits, so chances are when you purchase a new HVAC unit, you’re going to be eligible for one or multiple tax credits.



Buying a more energy-efficient air conditioner will have the biggest influence on cost over the long haul. According to the Department of Energy, over half of your energy use is comprised of heating and cooling your home. If your ac system is ten years old or more, you may be able to cut costs up to $500 a year by upgrading to a more energy-efficient system. Energy-saving features to consider when researching a new air conditioner include SEER rating, cooling stages, and Energy Star® qualification.


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