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Commercial HVAC Services For The Greater Birmingham Metro, Huntsville, Anniston & Throughout Central AL

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Polar Bear Services deals with many corporate HVAC accounts in Greater Birmingham and Central Alabama.  We service all types of communication systems from Novar Automation Systems to Gridpoint. Our expert technicians will keep your units properly maintained and your important business from being interrupted. 

Aging systems, should have annual inspections so small repairs can be performed before larger problems occur. Newer units may require minimum maintenance but should still receive yearly check ups. Bi-Yearly inspections help us make sure your unit is running efficiently. 

Routine Maintenance

routine HVAC maintenance in Birmingham Our maintenance checklist includes inspection of the heating and cooling coils, as well as the drain and condensate lines. We also inspect to make sure your motor, fans and belts are operating properly. We will check your duct seals, gaskets and burner in boiler systems. Finally we will check your filters and make sure the safety controls are all working properly.

Routine maintenance ensures the safety of your employees and the safety of your unit. Units that are not maintained regularly can be a fire hazard and cause explosion and damage to your unit or employees.

We’re a 24/7 one-stop shop, and we can do any size job. We’re also fully bonded and licensed by the state of Alabama to provide safe and effective services. Call us today: Birmingham/Tuscaloosa: (205) 497-2327  Huntsville: (256) 864-5660  Anniston: (256) 862-2327 or Gulf Coast: (251) 427-2327 for all your heating and air maintenance, repairs, or installation.

Birmingham: (205) 497-2327
Tuscaloosa: (205) 497-2327
Huntsville:(256) 864-5660
Annistion: (256) 862-2327
Gulf Coast: (251) 427-2327

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